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    This work is inspired by the relationship between painting and sculpture, and forged from an interest in childlike materials and sensibilities. The repetitive forms are riddled with imperfections created by the motion of the hand, yielding work that exhibits a simultaneously rigid and nonchalant approach to woodworking. This offers a tension between the meticulous drive for perfection and the natural, inescapable tendency towards imperfection. A work that is purposely suspended within the conflict of itself.
    In the attempt to find the balance between natural and precise, comes the reversion to childlike components. By playing with baser kitsch materials and viewing them through a deconstructed viewpoint I hope to mirror the ingenuity of intuitive childhood invention.
    A part of the child’s oriented view is an emphasis on the tactile and interactive. Color and soft texture embrace the sensory, providing the eye with a sense of touch, and an allure to move the hand closer. I am intrigued by the physical encounter a viewer might have when interacting with the work.
    Striking a balance between pattern, contrast and depth allows the work to foster a relationship with the space in which it occupies. That contrast presented through structure and shadow allows the piece to live in both the light and the vibrancy of its colors. My hope is to create an immersive work that confronts the viewer to experience the piece with an altered perception that is slowly formed and evolves in time with it. 


-MS Art Education, University of Tennessee - May 2017
-BFA 2D Studio, University of Tennessee - May 2016
Professional Experience

-Knox County Schools / Art Teacher / August 2017 - July 2020, Knoxville, TN
-Fluorescent Gallery / Gallery Assistant / June 2016 - March 2020, Knoxville TN

-Betula - Channel to Channel, Nashville TN – June 2020 *Solo Exhibit 
-Art Source 2020 - UT Downtown Gallery, Knoxville TN - May 2020 - COVID-19 Online Exhibit

-Umbra, Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville, TN - September - October 2019 *Solo Exhibit 
-Dynamic Static, LMU Center for the Arts, Cumberland Gap, TN - Aug - Oct 2019 *Solo Exhibit 
-GIFC, Elephant Gallery, Nashville TN - May 2019
-Art Source 2019, UT Downtown Gallery, Knoxville TN - May 2019 *Received First Place

-Threefold, Tipton Gallery, Johnson City, TN - August 2018 
-Destill, Track One, Nashville, TN - August 2018
-Art Source 2018, UT Downtown Gallery, Knoxville TN - May 2018

-in//between, Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville, TN - March 2017 *Solo Exhibit
-Girls Favorite, Fluorescent Gallery, Knoxville, TN - February 2017
-Art Source 2017, UT Downtown Gallery, Knoxville TN - May 2017 *Received Juror’s Award 

-37917 - 37203, Channel to Channel, Nashville, TN - October 2016
-Rabbet, Gallery 1010, Knoxville, TN - July 2016 *Solo Exhibit
-Chroma, A1 Lab Arts, Knoxville, TN - April 2016
-Orgasme, Gallery 1010, Knoxville TN - April 2016
-69th Annual Student Art Competition, Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture, Knoxville, TN - March 2016 *Received Jerry’s Artarama Award
-Every Piece of the Buffalo, Gallery 1010, Knoxville, TN - January 2016 *Solo Exhibit 

-AND Show, Gallery 1010, Knoxville TN - October 2015
-Butter My Biscuit, Gallery 1010, Knoxville, TN - April 2015
-68th Student Art Competition, Ewing Gallery of Art and Architecture, Knoxville TN- March 2015 
-Art in the Library, John C. Hodges Library, University of Tennessee - February 2015 


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